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Portland Gallery

3 Bennet Street
St James’s
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    Looking at his paintings invites the viewer to participate in a form of imaginative travel into the past: these images are not so much portraits of a place as meditations on its history.

    They are also about Gardiner’s own history: to this extent they are autobiographical, they layer his changing perceptions of a place with his experiences over the decades of that same place.

    Andrew Lambirth

    Gardiner manages to create a mental map of the landscape, without ever being literal in approach – so that he captures that elusive quality that so many Romantic artists have sought to express: the genius loci or ‘sense of place’.

    Simon Martin, Director, Pallant House Gallery, Chichester

    The moody spirit of the southern coast – from Ilfracombe in North Devon to St Margaret’s Bay in Kent – has always attracted sculptors, writers and artists. Now it has inspired the subtlest of chronicles in Jeremy Gardiner’s latest series of paintings ‘South by Southwest’, an unfolding narrative of the dynamic relationship between man and nature, sky, land and sea along the most diverse coastline in the world.

    Christopher Somerville, Walking Correspondent, The Times

    I have collected illustrated topographical travel guides from the pre-war years such as the Ward Lock red guides and Our Beautiful Homeland series.  Using these resources I am encountering new perspectives on coastal locations in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.

    Jeremy Gardiner