Dorset Museum collection | September 2022

Sep 8, 2022 | News

August evening, Lyme Regis


The collectors Jim and Marion Perriss have donated ‘August Evening, Lyme Regis’ to the Dorset Museum.

‘This painting is about spirit and sense of place, evoking a keen understanding of a particular landscape,
its contours and unique history. The four panels of this work give a wide angle view, but also enable me
to alternate between representational and abstract modes, suggesting the range of different viewing
strategies and perceptions that occur when the observer is in a real landscape.

The rocks at Lyme Regis were once the floor of a deep, tropical sea rich in pre-historic life.  They formed
in the Jurassic period, 155 million years ago. The rock layers are like the pages in a book and the fossils
they contain tell a story on each page.  Each rock layer provides a window allowing us to look back
through geological time. Reading from left to right we see a cast of an Ichthyosaur in the second panel, like
many found in Lyme by Mary Anning. In the third panel from the left I have painted a view of Lyme with a
presence and personality that set it apart from the rest of the Jurassic coastline. The layers of paint,
scraped down and over-painted to create intermingled strata, echo the multiplicity of memories that inform
the work.’
Jeremy Gardiner 2022