Bill Varley donates “Evening, Cape Cornwall” to Hatton Gallery Collection, Tyne and Wear Museums

Jan 1, 2019 | News

Evening, Cape CornwallThe painting ‘Evening, Cape Cornwall’ has been accessioned by Tyne and Wear Museums to be part of the Hatton Gallery collection. The painting was donated by William Varley.

‘Evening, Cape Cornwall offers another, contrasting essay on landscape seen through the prism of time and day. The orange headland of Cape Cornwall is topographically reminiscent of St Ives island and is, in the present context, bathed in the warm sublime light of a setting sun. The Cape itself, made of sedimentary rock metamorphosed into slate, is the product of a complicated past; in the picture’s foreground Gardiner superimposes or interlocks ochre, cream or grey planes that hold the surface in a coherent shallow space, wholly at variance with the apparent textural vagaries and geological chaos of the landscape itself.’

Peter Davies, Jeremy Gardiner – Unfolding Landscape, Lund Humphries 2013 p.83, reproduced p.82, in colour.