Tintagel to Lulworth Cove | Series


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“Jeremy Gardiner has walked the south coast since 1962, basing upon it, for the last three decades, an evolving series of paintings, drawings and prints. He has thus known the South West Coast Path for the full span of its official existence and has chosen sites that, for him, represent the essence of the coast’s topography, whether geological, industrial or architectural.

Gardiner is as interested in the natural as in the manmade, in the seemingly permanent as in the rapidly decaying or renewed. For in a sense, each view is always different. Memory fades and is supplanted; no encounter is ever the same.”

Judith LeGrove

“Since October 2016 I have been exploring the modern-day reality of these coastal locations; looking afresh at the harbours, bays, coves, castles and follies that characterise the remarkable shoreline of the South West Coast Path; and encountering a landscape reshaped by man, and touched by memories of generations past.”
Jeremy Gardiner