April 2014 | Researching Fossils at BRLSI in Bath with Dr Matt Williams for Jurassic Coast Paintings

Mar 30, 2014 | News | 0 comments

Jeremy and Dr Matt Williams looking at volume IV of A History of British Fossil Reptiles, by Sir Richard Owen, 1849.

Jeremy visited Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution to collect images of fossils from Sir Richard Owen’s:   A History of British Fossil Reptiles.   Dr Matt Williams, Collections Manager at BRLSI, helped Jeremy find examples of Dorset fossils, such as: Echinoids, Ichthyosaur, Pliosaur, Goniothyris phillipsi (Morris) from the Inferior Oolite, Asteroceras obtusum, lower lias, Lyme Regis, Myoconcha crassa from the middle lias of Ilminster, Modiolus bipartitus from the Oxford Clay of Weymouth and Jurassic Belemnites.

A History of British Fossil Reptiles by Sir Richard Owen, volumes II and IV